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How to get best Cloud Hosting Service provider


Everyone is moving to cloud hosting platform to enhance their business, Now the question is how to find the best one with the qualitywise and price wise as well. I read many articles about the best cloud hosting service provider and each one has shared some common points which I want to add here so that you can get best cloud hosting provider-

  • Check where the data center is located so that you will able to identify how much your data is safe there to host
  • How frequently they used to take backup of data
  • how flexible environment they offer to access the Data
  • Availability of Technical support team
  • Availability of Customer support team 
  • Cost for services


Level 3

How to get best Cloud Hosting Service provider

Jac - you make some valid points...


I'd like to enhance a few points from our perspective as an Authorized Intuit Hosting Provider. 



Costs should be a consideration with full knowledge of how a hosting provider actually leverages technology.  The specific example is RightNetworks which splits a customer's data from the server where QuickBooks is running.  This causes a significant limitation because many 3rd party and Web-Synced applications depending on having direct access to the Company File and the Application on the same server.  So whilst the price of Right Networks looks inexpensive, it won't work well with just a few web-apps added.  So "buyer be 'ware."  If you just need QuickBooks, they'll be fine.


Then, you should consider if they include QuickBooks ProAdvisor level services in their Customer Service.


Customer Service.

The "best" QuickBooks Hosting providers offer consulting services in addition to "just hosting."  Why? QuickBooks can be a super-critical application to most companies.  It's good to know that your hosting provider can do more than hosting...but be a reliable partner in your operations, growth and care of your QuickBooks Desktop solution. Better yet, they include those services in the monthly hosting price.


See you in the clouds.




Level 3

How to get best Cloud Hosting Service provider

Thanks for your points

Ace Cloud Hosting
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How to get best Cloud Hosting Service provider

These are undoubtedly some crucial points that you should consider while choosing a cloud hosting provider. I would like to recommend some other points to consider before making a decision-

Intuit Authorized- If the company is Intuit authorized, you can rest assured that the hosting company will meet your business needs because Intuit does all the required analysis before choosing a commercial host.

Uptime Offered- Uptime is the value that tells the total number of hours providers guarantee the availability of QuickBooks on cloud. Make sure that they offer high uptime, and it is the same as mentioned in the SLA so that they are legally obligated to provide that uptime.

Hosting Services- Every version of Quickbooks has unique features. Choosing a hosting provider that hosts only some versions of QuickBooks may not help. So it is recommendable to choose a hosting provider that provides hosting services for all the versions of QuickBooks.

Security Measures- It is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing a cloud hosting provider. A reliable cloud hosting provider must take security measures to protect your data against threats such as Ransomware. Not only this, they must be prepared for events like natural disasters to ensure that you continue to work on the cloud without any interruption.

Clients Catered- This information will give you detailed knowledge about their reputation in the market. An experienced hosting provider will know how to face hosting related challenges and methods to mitigate them. So make sure you choose an experienced hosting provider that offers cloud service to a good number of clients.

Hope that helps

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