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Increasing your Customer Base through Social Media: Restaurants Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the QuickBooks Community! Today, I have an interesting article for you about increasing your customer base in the restaurant industry. Our Resource Center mentioned are few ways, so let's dive in and see what they said. 


Social Media Marketing has become one of the inexpensive means yet effective ways of bringing customers in. Below are some strategies to gain more locals.


Complete Your Profiles with Relevant Information
Once you are setting up your profile, ensure that you have the most relevant information, such as your menu (with pictures), website, location, number, and hours. Have you ever researched a restaurant and they have no photo of their food? Doesn't it turn you off? For me, it does a little unless the reviews are extremely good.


Include Mouth-Watering Photos
Stemming off the first point, sharing pictures food presentations is a huge trend. It may be because of this generation, but I will admit I am one to take photos of my food and drinks when I am at a restaurant. It would be a great investment to get a good camera and lighting to capture pictures of your dishes and post them on your social media platforms. This will grab potential customers excited and tempted to try this. They may even share your photos with others and spread the word even more. 


Claim your Yelp Page
I can attest that I have seen some businesses that don't claim their company and often wonder why. There are many benefits of doing this, such as tracking user views, customer leads, and responding to reviews, even the bad ones. This shows that you care about your customer experiences and your business reputation.


These are a few that they share, but I encourage you to review the article, and hopefully, this will be something you incorporate into your business. Until then, I hope you guys have a fantastic day!

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