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Invoicing customers with Discounts and Fees

It looks to me like adding fees/svc charges to an invoice is on the horizon in QBO. Does anyone know if there is an inexpensive app that would automatically calculate a discount on an invoice if paid early up to so many days and then also calculate a fee on that same invoice if paid late after so many days. 


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QuickBooks Team

Invoicing customers with Discounts and Fees

Hi there, USellis1.


Adding late fees and and discounts to your invoices is something you will need to manually apply for now.


Please visit our App Store to look for third-party applications that offer these type of features. You can do it directly within QuickBooks Online or through the website. Just go to the Apps menu, then click Find Apps


On the other hand, the website can be accessed here:


If you haven't yet, let's send your feedback about automatically adding fees and discounts in QuickBooks Online. Just click the Gear icon and select Feedback. All feedback and product requests will be collated and will be sent to our engineers.


We're always here if you need anything else. You can either leave a reply below or start a new thread. Thanks!



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