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Julie Gordon White: 5 Hot Tips on Turning a Business Into a Brand Worth Big Bucks

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When it comes to building a successful brand, entrepreneurs must think carefully and strategically from day one. Seasoned business pro Julie Gordon White says it’s never too early make smart tactical decisions about everything from what you name your business to how you market it on social media. Here, Julie shares five tips for getting your brand-building off to a great start.


Keep your own name separate from the name of your business


“You should definitely own the URL with your name and direct it to your business URL. But for any business to live on after being sold or acquired, it must have its own name. That’s why my company is called The WELL for Women Entrepreneurs and not Julie Gordon White, Inc.”


Create a strong “brand partnership” between the business and the founder (yep, that’s you!)



“The business identity must be so strong it can remain solid and stable after a change of ownership. The way to accomplish this is to build a "brand partnership" between the company and the founder so they become associated with each other. In my case, I often share on social media images of my signature logoed orange mug. I take one with me when I travel so I can simultaneously showcase and align my personal brand and my business logo in fun places like the Bahamas and Lake Tahoe.”


Be authentic yet strategic in all your marketing efforts


“Transparency is everything! Consider using a dedicated social channel to share a behind-the-scenes look at your business. For example, you might use Facebook for more traditional content marketing and advertising, Instagram for a visual presentation of the business and Snapchat to show your personal world. By leveraging two or three platforms for different purposes, you can connect with super fans in all the places they hang out, they may end up trusting you – and buying from you – even more.”


Build a solid team


You can help strengthen your brand identity by bringing in key team members to create additional stability. (Of course, you’ll need to wait until your business is profitable before building a team.) Prospective buyers are more comfortable when a business is stable and successful due to its reliable, valued extended team that will stay in place even if the founder moves on.


Use your business to grow your brand (not the other way around)


When building your company, you must be strategic and understand what you want your brand to do for the business in order to grow sales. There's nothing worse than having a huge media opportunity due to the strength of the brand but not have it bring in a single dollar because your business wasn’t set up to capitalize on the opportunity. Bottom line: The brand works for the business, not the other way around!




QB Community members, what tip or strategy would you share with entrepreneurs hoping to build a successful brand?


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Julie Gordon White: 5 Hot Tips on Turning a Business Into a Brand Worth Big Bucks

@WillowOlder thanks for such an awesome post! In my network, there's more and more talk about building brands because of the opportunity to create a meaningful connection to their product, service, or story. It's about building a community and people who share that interest. Executing is such a key factor to the success of the business. I see more often brands that are utilizing "ambassador" programs to help grow brand awareness, scale the business nationally and internationally, and give back to the brand's biggest fans. I think ambassador programs are a great way to incentivize those who are eager to share and a great way to utilize marketing dollars. Thoughts?

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