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You know what rhymes with Fries.....Fri-day. Ok, ok, ok, don't close the tab just yet. I know that was very corny, but Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)! Right? I know its hard for some of you business owners to actually relax for a bit on the weekend; however, I encourage you to sleep for just a few more minutes before starting your day. Now, let's dive into the article. Shall we? I found this article by Business Insider, which explains ways to speed up the onboarding process, also known as training for new hires. Here's what they have to say:
Create a simple training outline
The author encourages us to include relevant information that hirees need to know, as it corresponds with their job responsibilities and the work culture. When creating this outline, it would help if your directions were clear and concise. The reason being, I have noticed that, at times, there is no proper structure during the training process. Every trainer comes up with their personal method of training. Therefore, constructing an outline as a game plan is a great way to assist your hirees in their coaching sessions.
Keep it Short
Research shows that an adult's average attention span ranges from 20-45 minutes, depending on the learning environments and other factors. Hence, having a three-hour training session wouldn't be as productive as one would think. Instead, try splitting the courses into smaller sittings to complete over a few days rather than weeks. The writer supports using video presentations/lessons for training, but using 5-minute videos as opposed to 30 to 60-minute videos could be better utilize.
Get the right tools
For this step, you have to determine if video presentation, audio, a classroom setup, creating a template, or a mixture of all the above is the best fit for your business onboarding process. When I was in training, a combination of the class setting and video presentations was implemented. I found this creative as they incorporated funny animated videos relating to the lesson and added KUHOOT games to keep us engaged. This created a competitive environment while having fun. If you were wondering, yes, I won a lot of games. Situations like these are what the author wants us to produce and find tools to make training easier and enjoyable.
Make it replicable
This author demonstrates ways in which we can make training replicable (depending on the teaching style). If the teaching style is more of a classroom setting where one person addresses the recruits, have a feedback system so that the trainees can express whether the lessons are beneficial to their workforce's prosperity. For video-based style, create or collect a series of modules including various topics like:
  •  What to expect
  •  Job responsibilities
  •  Examples of different situations in the workplace 
  •  How to address these situations


By organizing a diverse portfolio, cross-training may be done with other departments. Information can be shared efficiently by merely downloading the documents or using a USB drive.

Can you envision these four tips speeding up your onboarding process for new hires? If you have any more suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please comment below and let's get to sharing. Until then, take care and be safe, my Community comrades.

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