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Let’s Get You Paid Today (Or, at Least, Really Soon)



Welcome! We’re so happy to see you here. You’ve just discovered the part of the QuickBooks Community where you can always find a wealth of resources, information and tips related to building and growing your own business.


We know getting paid is a top concern for most of us – and for good reason. What can be done right now to ensure you get paid on-time, every time, from now until forever?


Here are three strategies to consider.


1. Optimize your invoices

Your invoice is a lot more than just a reminder about payment due. Every invoice you send is an opportunity to positively engage with your customers and reinforce your brand as friendly, professional and reliable. A personalized, well-designed invoice helps you strengthen client relationships – and, as a result, may even keep your business top of mind when a customer needs products or services in the future.


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2. Simplify your systems

Is it quick and easy for clients to pay you your hard-earned dollars? If not, it’s time to change your payment system today. Here are two key systems to simplify and streamline:

  • Your payment plan. Are you sending customers one enormous bill at the end of a long-term project? A huge sum can be hard to swallow. A payment plan that allows you to send invoices for smaller amounts at pre-determined intervals may be a lot easier to, well, digest.
  • Your payment platform. There’s no shortage of automated, online payment systems out there, so there’s no excuse for having a clunky, confusing or cumbersome process. The easier it is for you and your clients to request, send or receive money, the faster you’ll get what you’re owed.


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3. Learn from your mistakes

If you’re fed-up with a late-payment chronic offender, don’t get mad – get smart. Take a long hard look at where the breakdown along your payment process might be happening. For example, did you and your client agree to payment terms ahead of time? Are you invoicing regularly and on-time? Are you penalizing for overdue payments? If you can pinpoint the problem with a current repeat-offender, great. You may not be able to change the wicked ways of this problem customer, but you’ll improve your chances of getting timely payments with your future clients.


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Talk to us!

Let us know if this was a helpful place to land. What would you like to read more about here in the QB Community?

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Level 6

Let’s Get You Paid Today (Or, at Least, Really Soon)


There are timely payers, late payers and naysayers. Respect the timely, be patient with the lateys and be firm and stern with the naysayers. Off course there are exceptions too.

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