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Looking for a tool to help you run your business virtually? Intuit Accelerate (Beta) is here!

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From the makers of QuickBooks and TurboTax, we bring you a new beta product called Intuit Accelerate. Accelerate was co-created with entrepreneurs like you to supercharge how you run your business virtually.


Having to manually organize and navigate a virtual practice across many different tools that don't speak to each other means you have less time to focus on doing what you love. This also translates to lost ‘jobs’ and missed opportunities to showcase your expertise.


Intuit Accelerate’s mission is to enable you to show up like the expert you are.


Use Intuit Accelerate for free, as often as you like. (Since we are currently in beta, we look forward to your occasional feedback when a member of our team contacts you)


Unleash your NEW superpowers here


Want to know more? 


Accelerate helps you qualify leads, schedule meetings, capture notes, and summarize important takeaways and next steps so you can focus on providing the best services to your clients.


  • Eliminate the back and forth
    A Virtual Front Door helps you leapfrog tedious upfront interactions with leads. Prospective clients can connect with you right away or schedule a meeting for later based on your calendar availability. You can also set up an intake form to answer the questions that are most important to you when qualifying a lead.
  • Focus on your clients
    Cutting edge video conferencing can take meeting notes for you, summarize the conversation, and surface insights, action items, and topics. And best of all--no software downloads are needed for you or your clients.
  • Coming soon:  Never lose track of a client!  Customer Lifecycle Management empowers you to keep track of where you are with each project and client. Sync your contacts, record insights, and view your client interaction history all in one place.


Check out Intuit Accelerate today and get back to focusing on building your relationships with new and existing customers.  




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