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Managing Your Time

Hi friends, and happy Thursday! or Friday Eve, that makes it sound even better! I've got a question for you? Have you checked out the QuickBooks Resource Center lately? Maybe you haven't even heard about it yet, but it is packed full of helpful articles and, you guessed it, other resources. I was checking it out earlier today and found a great post about time management tips that I thought you all would enjoy. Lets take a look...
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To start, time management is the means of dedicating your time to different tasks productively and efficiently. This often involves planning out daily jobs, being sure to at least make a mental note of how long each task will take, and practicing control of your time as you finish each one and move on to the next. Time management skills are important in everyday aspects of life from personal to professional.
Why is time management so important? In short, being efficient with your time overall allows you to be more productive. Another key point mentioned is that it can also improve your mental health because you'll be less stressed. Sounds like a win-win to me!
Here are a few tips that will sharpen your time management skills:

  1. Create a daily prioritized task list
  2. Do the most critical task in the morning
  3. Track your time
  4. Minimize distractions
  5. Schedule your breaks
  6. Keep a list of backup tasks
  7. Organize your desk, task list, inbox, etc.
  8. Skip to the next task if you feel stuck
  9. Delegate nonessential tasks if you can
  10. Lastly, learn to say no

These are just a few that really caught my eye. Check out the full article for even more helpful tips! What's your best time management skill? Let's hear it in the comments below! Have a fantastic Thursday!
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