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Meeting Up

Greetings Community members. I hope this week has treated you all well. I just wanted to drop by the Business Discussions space and share some info I recently learned. I have a feeling many of you have found yourself transitioning to the work at home life. With that, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share a few different methods of ways you can still meet up with your colleagues to get your work done as a team. Here are a few options offered in an article by Android Authority:


1. Microsoft Teams
Microsoft recently replaced the popular Skype platform with Microsoft Teams. This resource combines video chatting and messaging into one. Teams offers the ability to schedule meetings and host up to 250 people, woah! Additionally, you can share your screen to give others a better look and record meetings so ones who aren't able to attend can catch up later.

2. Hangouts Meets
This option is brought to you by Google. In Hangouts you can also host up to 250 employees, but the exact number depends on the plan you choose. As part of the G Suite you get to decide the features you need. A couple of these features include Hangouts Chat for easy instant messaging and shared Google Drive storage space.

3. Zoho Meeting
As you may have guessed, Zoho offers video conferencing, but also provides a way to set up webinars. Although these plans are separate, this may make a great choice as a way to interact with your customers, rather than just coworkers. Similar to other choices, with Zoho you can share your screen, mute the mics of the participants, and record your group chats, among other things.

4. GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting packs a bit more of a punch with the ability to host up to 3,000 people (insert shocked face emoji). Another perk is that participants can join virtual meetings on there PC or mobile device.

5. Cisco Webex Meetings
Powered by Cisco, Webex Meetings is a great tool that offers features related to those mentioned above. This specific alternative is more focused on smaller businesses that tend to hold shorter meetings. With that comes a 40 minute meeting restriction, but that may be all the time you need.

I recommend checking out the article I linked above for other choices and plan details for each. I hope this info helps with your transition to working from home and makes it easier to connect with your coworkers, even from a distance. Take care!
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Meeting Up

I will share the quick Job Aid I shared today with a team of independent agents who are making the quick transition to meeting virtually. It's something I've been doing for years. Happy to pass along a few pointers and would happily conduct paid training as well.

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Meeting Up

I hit reply accidentally. Here is the Virtual Meetings presentation. This was designed for a team that uses Skype for Business. However, I am even more familiar with Zoom.


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