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New here

Hi everyone,  I'm new here.  My name is Debbie and I have a Health and Wellness website. I just started and have a lot to learn. Any tips would be appreciated!

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New here

Hey @Deb60 - welcome to QB Community, and congrats on your new website! You've definitely come to the right place :smileyhappy:


To get you started, here are some articles on social media marketing that I just love:


5 Common Small Biz Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

9 Tips for Upping Your Social Media Marketing Game

How 7 Entrepreneurs Use Instagram to Market Their Businesses


We've also had some great discussions in @Anonymous's "Momentum to $1 Million" group focusing on email marketing:


Demystifying Email Marketing

Is Your Email Marketing Feeling Like a #FAIL?


(To join the group, just click the green Join button in the top right corner of the group's main page.)


I'd love to hear more about your business. How long have you been publishing? What are your goals for the site and how are you measuring your progress? Do you have a business plan? Let's talk!

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New here

Hey @Deb60, nice to meet you! We are LIVE in OFFICE HOURS right now, so click to jump in! 


New here

Hi @Deb60!


Congratulations on launching your business! This is such an exciting time for you and you've come to a great place for all your business needs. Is there anything you want to chat about first? Social media, marketing, bookkeeping, financing, taxes, etc.? What's your mission and vision for your company? 


Looking forward to hearing more about you and your biz :)

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