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Over payment scam

Hi my name is Chris and I just wanted to say thank you to Charlie, Hannibal, and Joey for their help today. The customer service I received today was top notch, A+ service. They were very friendly, informative, understanding, and they helped me through a situation that almost cost me a lot of money.

I'm posting this so that hopefully I can help prevent others from falling for this scam or any other scam for that matter. 

I was almost got scammed from a potential customer who tried to get me with an "over payment scam".  Needless to say they're not going to be a customer of mine and I hope someone can put a stop to them so that they don't scam or try to scam anyone else.  Essentially they wanted to increase the invoice amount and have me transfer the difference to their "housekeeper". So

if someone asks you to transfer money to their "housekeeper" or anyone else for that matter, don't do it.

Looking back it seemed to good to be true but when you're a small business owner you try and take all the work you can get because you don't always know where the next job is coming from. This would've been a job for someone that doesn't live in my area but said they owned rental properties and that their "housekeeper" would be the point of contact. It's hard but IMO don't do business with someone your not going to meet in person.

I know this wasn't too descriptive but I just wanted to put the word out their about this "over payment scam".

Thanks again to the people at Intuit / QB.

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Over payment scam

I appreciate you taking the time to share this incident with the Community, Chris_S.


It's unfortunate to hear someone tried to mislead you like this. I'm thrilled to know that the agents from our Customer Support Team were able to help get this sorted out. You can continue to count on this team, and members of the Community, to always have your back.


The sharing of stories like this helps to let other businesses know what's out there, and avoid losses. This is an excellent example of why this space is such a great resource for business owners like yourself.

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