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Project Management software, that works with quickbooks

I'm the Office Manager of a small land surveying, engineering firm.  I've been using quickbooks, currently (Desktop Pro 2018), for over 20 years.  The owner of the firm thinks there is a better product out there that will help all of the Project Managers keep better track of their budgets, (Deltek).  This will replace my quickbooks, and I wanted to check with you to see if you know of a good, no great, option for us so I can keep quickbooks.

On Deltek employees enter their time, assigned to which ever job # they are working on. (We currently use Latitude for timesheets, but Latitude isn't synced with Quickbooks).   When invoices come in they are entered into Deltek by job#, (yes, quick books can do that too), if applicable.  But the bigest benifit to Project Managers, not only can they track all expenses associated with a particular job, they can then create and email invoices directly from deltek.  I see the appeal from a PM's point of view, BUT, I do not want to loose quickbooks and am really hoping this community can give me an option to take to them.

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Re: Project Management software, that works with quickbooks



Im no expert, currently use QB online.  You can have project (income - cost = profit) it has a basic time sheet attached, where each employee will get a link to add what they have done on each project.  You can even bill/invoice the customer directly.  Or there are plenty of addons (app) but you have to pay for them.  And they are not cheap really.


I hope this helps a bit.

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Re: Project Management software, that works with quickbooks

Did you switch to Deltek or another solution?

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