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QUESTION: When Has a Bad Situation Been a Blessing in Disguise?





Last week, my employee of one-month flaked out for the fourth time. It was the last straw. I gladly said sayonara (who needs that kind of “help”?), but it meant my whole week got really stressful. I was down a person, but I had to keep up with the regular work pace while also trying to find and interview a replacement.


Fortunately, two days later, I found someone amazing. So amazing, in fact, that ultimately I’m glad I went through all the unexpected stress and added craziness because the new situation is so much better!


Does any part of this scenario sound familiar? If it does, please tell us:


Have you had an unexpected pitfall in your business (or your life!) that turned into a better opportunity in the end?


(As so many entrepreneurs know, sometimes a pitfall -- like getting laid off -- leads to a life-changing decision to go it on their own. Here are some stories about why some of our community members made a professional “pivot.”)

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QUESTION: When Has a Bad Situation Been a Blessing in Disguise?

Oh, this is an easy one for me! I was working as an editor in San Francisco during the height of the dot-com boom when our entire editorial staff was let go in one fell swoop. The job I got three weeks later turned out to be one of the the best professional experiences of my life. Not suprisingly, my former employer was not long for this world - glad I made it into the first round of layoffs, not the last.

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QUESTION: When Has a Bad Situation Been a Blessing in Disguise?

Before I founded my company, I had been seeking to change jobs. I had put a lot of effort arranging PTO days to interview with prospective new companies. This lasted for 18 months and I kept making favorable impressions (so I was told) but ultimately was told "no". Thinking back, I am so happy that I was told no because I truly have found my passion, work that matters to me, and a vocation I am proud of. Steve Chase Sequentia Solutions
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QUESTION: When Has a Bad Situation Been a Blessing in Disguise?

My friend, EVERYTHING is like that.

5 years ago, my folks took the apartment they supposedly bought for me back.

The problem was this time I wasn't single, I was married.

They cut me off for their own survival.

We were literally on the streets running around trying to survive.

5 years later, I run my own business, have savings and things are only getting better.

If that situation didn't happen, I wouldn't have never got up on my feet. Now I LOVE learning about Finance instead of calling it boring or something. It's actually a very essential and fun skill to learn about.

The man upstairs was trying to show me to own my finances and stop depending on my folks. As they said in Batman:

Batman's dad "Bruce, Why do we fall?" - Bruce: "So we can learn to pick ourselves up".

I'm not religious but God bless you all :)

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QUESTION: When Has a Bad Situation Been a Blessing in Disguise?

so far, every time I saw the company without a light, something appears, feels so good.

can't complain , in the end is always a good reason to move forward .

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