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Quickbooks, Etsy, Square, and PayPal



I'm looking for a QBO Professional who's got experience with QBO, Etsy, Square, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. These new retail integrations are cool but they create a whole new set of accounting ... er ... issues, and I'd rather not wander into the swap alone. Anyone have a trusted QBO Advisor with whom they've had an excellent support relationship? I'd appreciate any recommendations.

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Polina - CloudBusiness LLC
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Quickbooks, Etsy, Square, and PayPal

Hello @BillProtzmann ,


  I am not aware of the expert you are interested in, however Business Payments app working with PayPal, Square and QuickBooks. The app records all the transactions from PayPal (Square is realized recently, it is a beta version for now) to QuickBooks as a pair of transactions like Sales Receipt and Expense (payment system fee), which makes it ready for transfer and quick reconciliation. So the headache of PayPal and Square integration with QuickBooks can be taken away. 


Hope that helps,


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Quickbooks, Etsy, Square, and PayPal

Thank you Polina - we are using those tools already. There's more to it, though, so a Pro Advisor with familiarity would be a good thing so that we don't have to re-invent the wheel.

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