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Quickbooks Solutions for Biotech / Life Sciences / Pharma / R&D Companies?

Does anyone use Quickbooks at their Biotech/Life Science/Pharma/R&D company? I've spent my career in the space, but this is my first time on QBO.


Specifically, I'm wondering what creative ways people have come up with to be able to account appropriately for their clinical trials accruals and prepaids (and/or CRO/CMO/Pre-clin studies). Has anyone found a Quickbook App, bolt-on, system, or other solution that can integrate with Quickbooks? Ideally, I want to get out of Excel for these calculations!


Any advice/insights/recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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Re: Quickbooks Solutions for Biotech / Life Sciences / Pharma / R&D Companies?

Hey there - we work with clients in biotech/life science/pharma and R&D on Quickbooks Online.

Invyse provides bookkeeping and analytics to entrepreneurs across Canada and USA. We provide following services:
1. Bookkeeping of your business transactions
2. Sales Tax and Corporate Tax support
2. Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Financial Analytics to track Profit or Loss
3. Flag any risks or financial issues
4. Cash Flow Models to track your spending and cash requirements

Contact us at [email address removed]

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