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Book keeping and filing taxes

Hi my name is Andrew G

And I just recently started a landscaping business about 6 months ago and I have no idea on what I need to do for filing taxes...ive filed my personal taxes with TurboTax before but not for a business.

Anyone have suggestions please

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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Hey Andrew (@Mech4Life1970) - welcome to QB Community, and congrats on your first six months in business! You've definitely come to the right place for help :smileyhappy: 



There are plenty of highly qualified accountants and bookkeepers right here in QB Community who can offer you some tips on tackling taxes. In what state is your landscaping business located and how are you currently handling your bookkeeping?


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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Hey mate I have just been looking into the same thing and yesterday started trying out LodgeIT. It seems to be able to do all types of company structures and will import data from Quickbooks online. 

I'm only brand new to it so not sure if it's for me yet or not. 





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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Sorry, I'm in Australia. 

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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

No worries, @Antonyg! What's your gig in Australia?

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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Congratulations on your new business, Andrew!


Think Federal, State & Local (county &/or city) taxes

Think Business taxes, Sales taxes, and Payroll taxes


Check with your state's Department of Revenue  business tax section online to learn about any and all state taxes involved. Usually, there are sales and use taxes, plus others depending on your state's requirements (ie: alcohol sales) 


Make sure you are setup in Quickbooks to collect and sort all taxes under the governing payee's name with the correct % to withhold and reminders when to make payments (Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).


A Quickbooks Pro Advisor can help you get setup!


If I can help you further, please let me know.


Best wishes!

Michelle Hamilton






Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Hey @Mech4Life1970,


Glad you came here for help. We have a lot of pros who can give you a wealth of info about handling your tax situation as best as possible with the amount of information we can gather here.

I'm interested to know if you've registered your landscaping business as a legal entity with your state. If it's registered, let us know what you registered it as so that we can give the basic rules around how the taxes are handled/filed for that entity. 

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Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

My business is in Florida

And for right now I only use the JOIST APP for invoices...

I just tried to sign up for QB pay roll but it wouldn't let me...dunno why


Re: Book keeping and filing taxes

Hi @Mech4Life1970! Thanks for letting me know. I have just a few questions for you if you don't mind. Did you happen to get an error message when you tried signing up for payroll? And how did you go about signing up? Was it through your QuickBooks account or did you try to sign up for payroll on its own? Feel free to message me directly if you'd like. I'm always here to help!



Kimberly T

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