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Friday Free-for-All!

It’s nearing the end of another butt-kicking week of self-employment, and I think we could all afford to blow off some steam. Here’s your opportunity to kvell or kvetch - whatever’s on your mind (just remember that this is a public forum, folks!). Welcome to our very first…



Ok, here’s me: I’ve been working on a volunteer project with a Wordpress developer who, after hemming and hawing about our timeline for deliverables, finally told me yesterday that he doesn’t have enough availability to do the work. Hey, that’s cool - but would have been nice to know six weeks ago, dude!


Your turn Smiley Happy


@Peter_G_Stone, I think you've already told me yours!




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Re: Friday Free-for-All!

@EmilyCowan that stinks!! I feel for you, especially because it is volunteer work. Hopefully, the situation will sort itself out in a positive way Smiley Happy 

Love the idea for this Friday free-for-all though!!!

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Re: Friday Free-for-All!

Thanks, @Peter_G_Stone! I actually just found out that a web developer who I LOVE and have worked with previously will be available next month and can do the project for under budget (which never happens, right)? All worked out for the best Smiley Happy