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Really for Real: How Did a Chocolatier Know Her Business Was Working?


Former accountant Patricia Tsai has been on a sweet journey since leaving her corporate gig -- from selling her chocolate at the local farmer’s market to retailing her confections at Target stores. Patricia has been a successful shop owner since she opened her ChocoVivo store in 2009.




 When did you know working for yourself was going to, well, work? What made you feel legit enough to say, “I own my own business!” Maybe it was your first customer (who wasn’t your mom!) or the first check made out to your business name. Perhaps you’re wondering right now if your endeavor will succeed. In this series we’re asking entrepreneurs, “How did you know when your business was Really for Real?”


Entrepreneur: Patricia Tsai

Business: ChocoVivo

Launched: 2009

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Knowing nothing about chocolate production didn’t stop former accountant Patricia Tsai from making it her escape route out of a life of corporate boredom. After a decade of research into the confectionary arts and a stint at her local farmer’s market, Patricia is now a leading chocolate-industry expert and a successful shop owner. But when did she know her business was officially working?


I’ve been running ChocoVivo for six years, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago when Target placed an order to sell my products in 12 of their stores that I felt like I’d taken my brand to where I always wanted it to be.”


“That order meant I’m no longer in survival mode, so I could look to expand my line and open up a new store in another location. I want to build ChocoVico further and further, but everything from this point onward will be a bonus.


And the rest is history!


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