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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales


Our customers pay us monthly using "Zelle Quickpay", which is convenient for us and them. There is no invoicing or any other method. They just pay their monthly subscription fees using Zelle. 


When I sync with my bank feed, these transactions show up as Transfers. So I have to manually add them as "Monthly Subscription Fees" income from a customer. Here are my two issues I would like your help with


1) These transactions are not showing up as "Sales". So this means that they are not recorded as sales under that customer name. How can I change it that these get recorded as Sales and show up both in dashboard and under customer name.

2) How can I make Quickbooks record these transactions automatically as "Sales" instead of "Transfers"


Thank you for your advice.


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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

Experts. Please help me out. Zelle payments show up as transfers in Quickbooks, I want to record them as sales...

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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

Any response to this?  I also have several customers that pay their sales directly via Zelle and it shows up as a bank-deposit rather than sale to that customer. 

Thanks, -Rick.

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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

I have the same question....

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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

Hey! Just had to do this myself. What worked for me was clicking on the transaction in "Banking" then selecting "Add" and creating a new client. Once I did this the "Sales" option was available in "Categories".


Not sure if this will become automatic now or if I'll have to do it each time but at least now you'll be able to assign it to the sales category.


Hope that helps!

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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

Since technically a zelle payment is a transfer from the customer to your bank account it will default to transfer in QBO.  You can create a rule so that those come in correctly moving forward.  Depending on what info comes in to the bank detail will determine if you can fully automate the entry or partially automate the entry.

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Recording quickpay using Zelle as Sales

The following is working for me:

  • In Banking click on the Zelle transaction
  • Since this is considered a transfer, radio button "Record as transfer" is automatically selected by QBO
  • Click on the "Categorize" radio button
  • Then click in the Category box and select the Sales Account this type of payment to be posted to.
  • Do not assign a payee as this will be used for all Zelle sales transactions and will not assign the specific payee per the bank notes.  So, leave payee blank.
  • Click on "Create a rule" which will take you to the "Edit Rule" window
  • Here name the rule, for example, "Zelle Sales"
  • Make sure "Apply this to Transactions thar are" boxes have correct conditions and accounts such as, "Money in" and correct bank or credit card account
  • Under "and include the following" set your conditions, I used "Description", Contains = Zelle
  • The below "Then Assign" it should have the following-
    Transaction Type = Deposit
    Category = Sales or the income account you prefer
    Payee = should have no payee assigned

  • You can click the Aut-add to turn on auto posting or keep it off.
  • Click on "test rule" will show you how many transactions this will cover.
  • Once satisfied, click on Save.

This will automaticaly assign Zelle incoming monies to a sales account of your choice but will not have payees assigned.

If you want payees assigned will need to create a rule for each payee.

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