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Some things to remember about Back Pay

Hi everyone,


As the New Year begins, some of us will be thinking about back pay owed or awaited. Some of the things to remember on this account are: Back pay is the difference between what has been paid to an Employee against what she or he was owed.


How does this apply to wages?

Let's say a shift is for 8 hours a day @$7.25 per hour. This minimum wage will differ from state to state. Extra time is applicable when an employee works for more than 40 hours a week, but exceptions apply.


A shift starts from the time, day and date on which you start your work and has nothing to do with when your shift ends (even if it ends the next day, month or year).


Also please refer to the following -


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Some things to remember about Back Pay



Thank you! This answers a nagging question I've had for years about how my wage should be calculated for shifts that carry over from December 31st to January 1st.


Who else has worked the NYE shift? It's the best (sort of)! 


So, if my wage starts at $7.25 on December 31st, my hours worked on January 1st for the same shift would remain the same. Guess some folks don't owe me $ :). 

Level 6

Some things to remember about Back Pay

Thanks, @Sangeethmathew!

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