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Stress Handling Techniques for Business Owners

Hey guys, we are halfway through the week. Almost there! Welcome back to the Discussion Page. Today, I want to address for a few minutes, ways in which business owners can handle stress. As business owners, we may become overwhelmed with constantly working like "Energizer Bunnies." However, it's important to step back, stop and smell the roses or coffee (for you coffee lovers) at times. Here are my top three ways of coping with stress:


Take a breather:
Stepping away from the situation or problems for about 10 to 15 minutes can help you relax and distress. Simple things like going for a walk, watching a humorous video, or calling a friend can give you a clearer mind to undertake the task at hand. During these short breaks, you may get inspiration or ideas to analyze the situation another way.


Rank your responsibilities:
Some prefer to start each task, but never fully complete all they set out to do by the end of the day. I, personally, am guilty of this, especially when there is a lot to be done. It is best to make a list of all your responsibilities and prioritize them accordingly.  Take one job at a time and complete it before moving on to the next. Let's be honest, scratching a line through a completed task does feel rewarding, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes we find ourselves adding to our to do list, and soon, become anxious after realizing, completion may not be achievable. Take a minute to focus on what needs to be done next, not concentrating on ALL. If you would like, you can set a timer or alarm to monitor the amount of time you spend on a task. 


Focus on your health:
Running your business can take a lot out of you, especially when you can't take time off as you wish. Try your best to exercise regularly, even if it means doing a home workout for at least 15-30 minutes. Drink a lot of water, get enough sleep, eat on time, and take vitamins to maintain good health to handle the constant strain on your body.


What do you do to help reduce stress? I would love for you to share your routines and/or ideas with us below. And as always, take care of yourselves and be safe my Community friends.

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