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The Landing Page

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another topic here in the Business Discussion space. Today I'm stopping by to share an article from that shares a few examples of great landing pages.
What it is
If you're like me, you may be wondering, "What exactly is a landing page?" A landing page is a web page that persuades users to take a specific action. A visitor lands on a landing page when they click a header or link from search results, a home page, an email or an ad from social media. A landing page aims to capture leads, promote a product or service or encourage a specific action such as getting a quote, downloading a guide, signing up or making a purchase.
Why it's important
You need a landing page to introduce your brand and value to target customers by showing them how your offerings will benefit them. In addition, landing pages help you capture visitor information, provide a focused and optimized visitor experience and thus help improve your conversion rate.
Tips for creating a great landing page:
  • Use engaging headlines and well-crafted copy
  • Include visuals that emphasize your value
  • Write a compelling call to action (CTA)
  • Optimize for organic search
  • Make your page responsive


This post certainly made me realize how important a great landing page is. Check out the full article in the link above for even more details on this subject. And be sure to drop your thoughts below!

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