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Traditional Lead Magnet vs Quizzes

It's Friday, and welcome back to the Talk About Your Business Page. Before we get into the discussion for today, I have two questions for you. What is your current lead magnet, and does it work? If you are unfamiliar with the term, Investopedia defines it as "a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions and samples." Entrepreneur shares three interesting reasons why you should stop using your current lead magnet for a quiz. However, if your current lead magnet is doing well, I will pose this as an additional benefit to enhance your business. Here's what they shared:

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Interactive Content
Traditionally generating leads is always accompanied by a free gift or item to receive customers' email addresses. With customers frequently seeing offers, they tend to ignore it, or their attention is grabbed by something else. However, creating content such as quizzes captivate the customer's attention because now they are inquisitive or curious, all while collecting their email addresses and advertising your product or service.


What is the best type of quizzes?
According to the writer, the best type of quizzes are those where customers learn more about their lives and personality. Have you seen a quiz like this and done it? I am most certainly guilty as charged. Also, trivia quizzes about movies, songs, food knowledge are a great way to draw customers in, but your purpose of doing all of this must be at the forefront, which is to collect leads and create brand awareness. The type of quizzes you want to issue are ones where your potential customer can figure out who they are and help them get where they need to be. The author mentioned people love knowing about themselves more, so why not capitalize on that.


Learn more about customers
The author believes this is the fastest way to engage with your customers and the best way to collect information about them. This will help you analyze the customer to see if they will be willing to purchase goods or services consistently and if you can accommodate their needs and wants. The writer brings out a good point that customers have a hard time trusting companies they haven't shop from but are open to learning more about themselves, even in the form of an exciting quiz. 


I encourage you to check out the article. When you do, are you Team Traditional Lead Magnet or more leaning on Team Quiz? Share your answer below! Until then, be safe and be well, my Community comrades. 

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