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Ways to Get Support Without Spending Money

Welcome back to another segment of *cue drum rolls and jazz hands* Talk About Your Business! Where we give you all the tea of finding answers and inspiration for your small business. I hope you guys are doing well and are accomplishing everything you have set out to do! Today, I wanted to stop by and share ways to ask your customers, family, friends, basically everyone to support you without spending a dime! This can be especially beneficial to entrepreneurs who are new to the market and need support. Here we go!

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Encourage them to Like and Comment on your posts.
We have talked many times before about Social Media's importance and the power it holds. If you are creating daily content on your socials, you would like to see likes and people commenting, right? The higher the degree of engagement, the wider your audience gets and the more views you will welcome. For example, with Tik Tok, when one receives many likes and comments for their videos, the algorithm boosts your videos, allowing it to be shown on what they call a "For You Page". This For You Page opens the door to millions of people being able to view this, and that post can be considered viral.


Invite your friends to like your business page
I will admit if I come across a business page that may not have a decent amount of likes, I would overlook it and view other businesses that may have more. I consider this the same way as reviews. The more reviews you observe, the more you are inclined to check it out than those with fewer reviews. A fantastic way to incorporate this in your business would be having a little cutout card when selling a product with a QR code (making it easier and convenient) linking to your business page, encouraging consumers to like it.


Referrals! Referrals! Referrals!
"The highest compliment my clients can give me is the referral of their friends, family, and business partners."-Unknown.


According to B2B marketers from Social Media Today, 78% of referrals have driven and generated good or excellent leads. Using your friends and family who trust in your business makes it easy for them to convince other people that you are among the best in your field. It is up to you then not to disappoint them and give nothing but the best customer satisfaction. From there, once you have won them over ask them to refer you to other people too. Just like that, your network begins to expand while building stronger relationships with clients.


Although these are a few, there are many other ways you can get people to support your business without spending money! Perhaps you had different ways when you were starting out or currently doing, and we will love for you to share! Until then, continue to be well and be safe, my Community comrades.

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Ways to Get Support Without Spending Money

Thanks for sharing  SashaMC.  Appreciate the great tips.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to your future posts. 

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