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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)


Atychiphobia is, clinically speaking, the "irrational and persistent fear of failure." I don't know what the fancy Greek word is for "fear of making a massive, egregious, and unforgivable spelling error that I don't catch for ages," but trust me I am a sufferer.  Irrational? I'd like to think so. Persistent? Don't ask.


We all have some niggling professional fears (public speaking, anyone?) that maybe don't rank up there with "the phobias" but still manage to take up an uncomfortable amount of brainspace. What are yours? No judgment!!

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

Great question, @EmilyCowan! Identifying our fears -- even little ones -- is important so we can address them. Knowledge is power, right? 


Wondering what other members have to say about this? 

@SteveChase@ParkwayInc @jmisunas @Thehvacguys @Anonymous @Sangeethmathew @Anonymous @Pen @TimThePainter @lynda @tamalita and anyone else who wants to weigh in!

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

Being found out as a fraud. 


I am not a fraud. That is just the easiest way I know how to put it into words. It was my business partner who first explained it to me as it is a major fear of her own. I had never considered it until she mentioned it and I really wish she hadn't because I may have gone my whole life without ever thinking about it. 


I am either REALLY good at something, Or I am REALLY bad at it. I don't have much in the way of a middle ground. I am fortunate in that one of the things I do REALLY well is having the ability to know, understand and compensate for the things I am REALLY bad at. I am also REALLY good at delegation. Because of this people tend to think I am REALLY good at everything, which is the farthest things from the truth. I just avoid doing the things I am bad at or I find a way to do the thing I am bad at by implementing tools I use well. 


So because of all this, I am constantly in fear of being found out as a fraud. What happens to me and my business when people realize I am not as good as they think I am?  


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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

@Pen Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful answer. I think a lot of people who work alone or from home (myself included) experience some kind of "Imposter Syndrome" from time to time. Especially when you don't receive a lot of feedback like from working in an office surrounded by others. Focusing on what you're good at is a great way to get over it, for me, and it sounds like you do the same thing! As for the stuff I'm bad at (and there are a lot of things), you are totally right on with delegation being the key! 

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

Great question @EmilyCowan and thanks for including me @SarahGonzales! My fears are mostly around not spending enough time with my friends because I love my work and my family, so the part that's left I try to set aside for "me" time. Because I know that I have a tendency to have a 2 track mind, I surround myself with friends that are also entrepreneurs, so it creates a kind of two for one. Truth is, when we're old and no longer working, friends and family will be the most important thing, so I am mindful not to neglect my friends because that's what's (and who's) most important in the long run...  Girls night out anyone?!?!! ;)

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

@Anonymous Totally relate! There's always that "mom/friend/wife/sister guilt" for me -- am I being a bad example if I DON'T work, am I not spending enough time with them if I DO work? And so, yes, girls' night out usually fixes me right up! ;) 

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)

Good Morning. I have so many fears, "are we going to be successful, am I doing it right, what if..." but as soon as one of those fears starts to try and take over my mind I pray and ask God to replace those fears with strength. Sending you all lots of love and positive vibes!  

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What Are Your SMALL Small-Business Fears? (No Judgment!)


It takes time to save enough to start on your own. One of the fears you have is that you will

see it all go with nothing coming in.

One lesson startups better know first is that initially profits are what provide the buffer for future expenses. 

If you save them you have a future. If you don't you can run into trouble. 




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