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What Gets Me Through the Day

Good Thursday afternoon! As you may have noticed, we’re celebrating Gratitude Week. With that, today I wanted to share a little about the people, a place, and thing I’m grateful for and ultimately get me through my day.

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To put it simply, my people! My people are my husband and two year old son. My husband, Nathaniel, is let’s just say what husband material is made of. He’s strong, supportive, really handsome, and somehow puts up with my nonsense. Not to get too mushy but he’s my best friend and I really don’t know what I’d do without him. Then there’s our two year old, Rhett. Now Rhett, he gives me a run for my money! As you can imagine, he’s rowdy, adventurous, wild, silly, hilarious, and so much more. His smile is always a great reminder to be my best, everyday.

I'm from a small town in Southwest Virginia. So my place I'm grateful for is this region in general. On my profile, I've added a beautiful picture of what our area is best known for - the Appalachian Mountains. I'm always thankful for this place and the beauty it provides, but as we move into the fall season it gets even better. The clear air, bright, bold colors, along with the heritage of southern cooking and strong family ties are just a few things about my favorite place that although it be small, I'm forever grateful for.

Alright, alright. I think I've been sentimental enough with my first two points in this list. The thing I'm currently grateful for is a little less deep but still important. I'm very happy to share that I'm currently expecting our second baby! With that comes a lot of different symptoms. The big ones for me right now are nausea and exhaustion. There are certain foods or drinks that turn me green and others that just really hit the spot. So, the thing I'm thankful for right now is ICED coffee. Strong emphasis on the ice, as hot coffee does not sit well (so weird). Iced coffee is the thing that gets me through the day as it makes me and my tummy happy and provides enough energy to combat the dragging sleepy feeling.

This is a small sample of what I'm grateful for and what makes tough days much better. I hope you'll take the time to share a person, place, thing, or maybe all three that help you get through your day! I can't wait to hear your list. Take care!

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