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What would you do with a Business & Marketing Coach's Help?

Have you considered hiring a business or marketing coach?


For some people it is a no-brainer, they are dilligently saving up for one. While for others it is a strange thought. They are cool with simply googling away and trying new things. 


What are your thoughts on the matter?


-Jessa Hargrove

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What would you do with a Business & Marketing Coach's Help?


Before you hire a coach (or take on clients as a coach) it is important to understand four things. And, you don't have to like your coach to benefit from a coach.

Often a business or marketing coach can help streamline results on various projects. Each one has their own personality.

Coaches offer borrowed experience, guidance, and access. However, how you approach coaching makes a huge difference.


Four things you must consider before hiring a coach. All of which you can do before meeting with your coach for the first time.


1. Your current situation.
2. Clearly defined goals and outcomes.
3. Skills assessment via GAP analysis.
4. Plan of action, even if in draft.


Writing these elements out offer clarity when interviewing, selecting, and working with a coach. Be weary if your coach doesn't insist on having these things in hand.


The more you know about what you want the easier it will be to find someone who is a good match. Coaches come in many forms.

When getting started in business I had mentors, worked with SCORE, and hiring coaches. You decide what works best for you through the challenges you wish to overcome.




Justin Hitt

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