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Who has helped you the most with your business?

Mentor? Spouse? Friend? Accountant? Yourself? 

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Who has helped you the most with your business?

There's a ton of people who've helped me with my small business, so I'm just gonna focus on the last one. 


Horst-Schulze-Service-1.png Sometimes you get the best business advice from unexpected people. I recently filmed at a medical leadership summit. Everyone was excited about Horst Schulze, their keynote speaker. Honestly, I'd never heard that name. 


However, I was floored by what he shared with the doctors. Mr. Schulze is the former CEO of the Ritz-Carlton. His focus was on customer service and I must confess that this is a part of my business that I have run on autopilot and not really paid much attention to. 


But since I heard his talk that has drastically changed. I've refocused on my current customers and am making them my number one priority. You know what the beauty of this strategy is? It is mostly a shift in attitude. It does not take more time, nor does it require massive financial resources. 


Like Horst Schulze says: "Excellence is simple. All you have to do is give a little bit more.

Read about the other 3 keystones of running a successful business on my blog.

[Please look for the link to my website on my profile page, since QBcommunity has asked to route you guys through there and not post the more convenient direct link here.


Just click on the "Link to my Website" link in my profile, find the link to my blog on my website - it's in the top right corner, and the article I mention here is on the front page under Small Business Tips and Tricks."]

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Who has helped you the most with your business?

Unquestionably, mentors ( plural ) - mentors can be living, or passed away - for the latter, think of a book's author(s) as your mentors through the passage of time.
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Who has helped you the most with your business?

To name a few of my favorite influencers

Zig Ziglar (See You at the Top)

Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Thou Shall Prosper)

Dave Ramsey (Total Money Make Over)

Larry Burkett (Business by the Book)

Seth Godin (Purple Cow)

Level 15

Who has helped you the most with your business?

Currently, three tax CPA's, two of which are also enrolled agents, that I met online in the old QB support forums - out standing folks who answered (and still do occasionally) my dumb questions without a condescending tone or attitude.


Back in my younger more creative days, an IRS auditor who just did not know how to take me during our sit down audit.  But I walked away with a world of valuable information.

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