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World Gratitude Day and Appreciation Week

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

~Robert Brault

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World Gratitude Day began rather simply, with a gathering of people deciding that there should be one day out of the year that the entire world could express gratitude and thanks together.    The driving idea behind this being that by starting with one day of mindful gratitude, you can begin to develop a habit of expressing gratitude and thanks regularly.  


It's been shown that practicing gratitude regularly has a positive effect on the chemistry of your brain.  And in a year filled with constant change and challenges, being grateful for the things that we have can help us deal with the things that we can't control.     


I'm a big fan of using post it notes as reminders - my walls are all white, so I often leave a bright pink or electric green note when I want to make sure I see something.  I'm going to steal that idea for this post, and here is today's: 



As part of the celebration this week, I'll be back each day to add a post it to share what I am grateful for. 


We hope that you will take time today, and all week long, to celebrate #WorldGratitudeDay with us! 


Feel free to leave a comment below sharing what you are grateful for (and for a great start to making it a habit, come back and leave a new comment each day) and to see what others have shared as well.    


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