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Worst Part/Best Part: Could You Live In a Big Rig for Ten Days In a Row?

Desiree Wood is one tough mother-trucker, driving her own rig all over the U.S. working and advocating for women drivers. To do her job, she bravely faces the sexism and the lack of decent bathroom facilities on the road, but you won’t find Desiree hitting the brakes on a career she loves. Here, she shares the struggles that motivate her and her favorite things about being a trucker.




Knowing you’ll face both immense challenges and huge rewards as a business owner can help you stay positive, confident and grounded. That’s why we’re sharing some of your favorite and most dreaded aspects of working for yourself in Worst Part/Best Part!


Entrepreneur: Desiree Wood

Business: Trucker (owner/operator) and founder of Real Women in Trucking  

Started: 2007


Worst part: Desiree says,  “When I first started driving, I thought other female drivers would say, ‘Right on, sister!’ Instead, I was attacked for asking questions and sharing my concerns. I was stalked online. I even got death threats. Now I’ve got a reputation for giving it right back, so that kind of stuff doesn’t happen as much anymore. My main priorities [as an advocate] are the unsafe training practices and the sexual misconduct in truck carriers. I’m also concerned about the lack of unity in our industry when it comes to female drivers. My goal is to encourage women to stick together and help each other out.”


Oh yeah, and there’s that whole backing up a giant rig thing: “I’ve been parking a 75-foot truck for ten years, and it’s still a struggle from time to time. The biggest challenge is staying calm. Believe me, when a woman pulls up to a warehouse, everyone has to pull out their lawn chair and watch you park. You can’t ask anyone to do it for you – and you definitely can’t give up.”


Best part: Improvements in the trucking industry still have a way to go, but it’s not slowing Desiree’s roll in the meantime. “Now that I own and operate my own truck, I’ve got a lot more freedom. I like to stay out for about ten days at a time to make sure I’m earning enough to take care of my truck and still make a profit. Then I like to get home to Lake Worth, Florida. By that time, I’m ready to sleep in my own bed, ride my bike, maybe put on a dress.” She adds, “Trucking suits me because I’m very independent. I like working by myself, and I’ve always thrived in that kind of environment.”


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How do you balance the best and worst aspects of working for yourself?


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Worst Part/Best Part: Could You Live In a Big Rig for Ten Days In a Row?

@SarahGonzales It was such a treat to speak with Desiree -- she is helping to make positive changes for women truckers, which is no small thing. Although she's a bit of an "accidental" activist, she is absolutely dedicated to the cause. Very inspiring! 

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