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1099-MISC CA state filing

I realize you are probably a bot, but that information is irrelevant to me since I already did the 1099 efile with the IRS. I am participating in this thread solely to understand whether, since I am NOT a Quickbooks user, but only a 1099 e-file service user, I must physically mail the California Franchise Tax Board a copy of the 1099s, or not? The State of California does participate in the IRS - State reciprocal program.





QuickBooks Team

1099-MISC CA state filing

Thanks for getting back to us, @smolsen.


The state of California isn't in the list of the state that doesn't require the employer to send a copy of their 1099. You'll want to send a copy of your 1099 form to your state agency.


To learn more about filing 1099, you can check this great articles for reference:

Also, do visit our Employees and payroll taxes page to learn some best practices on managing your payroll.


You can always get back to anytime you have other inquiries. Take care!

K12 Sphere
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1099-MISC CA state filing

Does this information hold true for 1099-NEC's?  I filed my 1099-NEC's through Quickbooks and received a confirmation that the IRS has accepted them, but no information about the states. 


And, my company is CA-based, but I have 1099-NEC contractors in both CA and NC, so I'm trying to figure out how to fulfill the state filing requirements in each state.  This is confusing and definitive information is hard to find.


1099-MISC CA state filing

Yes, the information shared in this thread is also applicable to 1099 NEC, K12 Sphere.'


However, please take note that QuickBooks Online does not support 1099 filing to state agencies. Here's an article for more details: Do I Need To File 1099 Forms With My State?.


I would recommend reaching out to the state agency both states to get more details about their filing instructions and guidelines. Let me share these articles where you can see their contact details: 



The Community is always here if you need more help while working in QuickBooks Online. 

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