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How to get/pay estimated quarterly taxes in Solopreneur?

Back in Quickbooks Self-Employed, I would go to the Taxes page, see what my estimated quarterly taxes were, see what the quarterly due date was, and pay it directly from QB (via EFTPS).


I don't see this option in Solopreneur, though it's touted as a feature when signing up. The taxes page just shows a yearly tax estimate with no quarterly breakdown and no way to pay directly from QB. The estimated amount is above the threshold for needing to file SE taxes so it should be calculating quarterly. All searches to find an answer just direct me to QBSE topics, which don't apply. Is this not actually a feature in Solopreneur? Am I missing something? I'm on the 30-day trial just to see if it did what it said it does before committing... is this feature only available after the trial ends?


I would just sign up for QBSE again instead but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere I've found. All sign-up pages direct me to Solopreneur, and all support pages direct me to QBSE.

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QuickBooks Team

How to get/pay estimated quarterly taxes in Solopreneur?

I'll share information about filing taxes in Solopreneur while on a 30-day trial, knowone. 


We appreciate your interest in the product. However, you'll need an active Solopreneur subscription, not a trial one, to utilize the tax filing feature. 


Regarding your concern with QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBDT), yes, we no longer offer this product. However, existing users can still use the program with no worries. 


Furthermore, I'll add these articles to help you get to know the product even more: 



Comment below if you have additional questions about paying for your different features in Solopreneur. I'll be here to assist. Stay safe! 

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