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Payroll tax forms

The automate tax forms box was checked. However, tax payments and dates are incorrect in QB. Need to remove tax returns and file firms manually. How do I remove the returns in QB do they aren’t filed at quarter end? 

I called support, they archived the returns. However the returns show filed. Support told me they are archived and not filed. Is this correct? 

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Payroll tax forms

Hi strocke,


It's hard to say without looking at your QBO company. However, our QBO Support can check whether returns have been filed or not, and they can also make corrections on their end. Therefore, I have to agree with the agent you spoke to. 


You can undo/unarchive your returns using these steps:


  1. From the Taxes menu, select Payroll Tax.
  2. Select View Archived Forms in the Quarterly Forms or Annual Forms section, as appropriate.
  3. Choose the form in concern and select Delete. It will go back to your filing due.


Feel free to go back to this thread if you have any other payroll concerns. Have a good one!

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