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Tax checklist not available

Good evening! I would like to export my business's tax information to TurboTax from Quickbooks Self-Employed, but no tax checklist is available. I would figure that since it's January 18th, it would be available by now. Does anyone know when the tax checklist will be available so that the tax information can be sent to TurboTax? Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Tax checklist not available

Let me share some information regarding the tax checklist option in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE), rose.  


The tax checklist feature will be available mid-to-end of January. Rest assured that you'll receive a notification once it's ready. From there, you can start transferring your QBSE data to Turbo Tax.  


I'll add this article about filing taxes with QBSE: QuickBooks Self-Employed Annual Tax Guide


Once everything is organized, we can refer to the regular steps to send your data to TurboTax


I'm still ready to assist if you have additional inquiries about exporting data into different Intuit products. Have a good one!   

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