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With over 15 years of marketing, communications, and creative experience I have an immense passion and appreciation for the ever-evolving world of digital. My best guess is that this stems from being raised in a military family. My world changed so frequently - changing schools, homes, friends, countries - I had to be on my toes just to keep up with it. Now, as an adult I thrive on constant change and evolving thought-processes. Digital marketing allows me to keep my feet on the ground (in Charleston, South Carolina) while my creativity, problem solving and education wander endlessly. In my past roles, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate marketing and creative efforts with teams from the TODAY Show, NFL Network, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies, the Boys & Girls Club of America, Uber Taxi and the NCAA Women's Final Four. Clients have ranged from hospitality groups, hotels and restaurants to destinations, cities and CVBs. I've worked in transportation, consumer goods, real-estate and the non-profit sector. In my free time I manage communications and outreach for US Paralympian Beth Requist. I provide a fresh perspective on marketing initiatives and strategies. I understand the need for localized branding efforts while appreciating the importance of the big picture. My unique experiences and aptitude to thrive in any environment has played (and continues to) a key role in my career path. I describe myself as creative, disciplined, fresh, professional, loyal, proactive, and witty - with just a dash of sarcastic humor and Southern charm. And believe it or not, I still manage to unplug from time to time.
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