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Let me deal with Quickbooks and you won't have to!!! I love helping people solve their problems - in fact I love to hear 'I'm not sure,' or 'I don't know,' because it means I can help!! We can focus on business planning, workflows, or payroll. If you are experiencing frustration with Quickbooks or Quickbooks online, don't hesitate to call my office. Let's set up a plan for dealing with those parts of business you may not be as comfortable with. If you are new to QBO we offer special training sessions in-house. If you reside in the central South Carolina area I offer consulting on site or in my office. For users in the US I am available for phone or AnyDesk consultations as well. Training can be within your own books (with account privacy turned on) or in the sample QBO company. We will discuss and target problem areas, specific client questions, and work to plan better outcomes. With less worry and frustration your business can grow to its full potential. Here's the help you need - for new and established businesses. Thanks, see you soon!
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