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New Progress Invoicing for QuickBooks Online

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Billing for a project that stretches over days, weeks, months, or sometimes even years is painful when you have to recreate successive invoices and reference old invoices or payments to determine what to bill next. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Progress Invoicing is here!

If you’re a QuickBooks Online customer, you can now choose how much of an estimate you’d like to convert into an invoice (either by percentage or amount), keep track of how much you’ve invoiced, and continue converting from the original estimate until it’s been fully invoiced.

Progress invoicing can be kicked off from an estimate, when creating an invoice, or from the transaction list in the Customer tab.

Remember, you can choose how much of an estimate you want to convert to an invoice, including:

  • The total of all lines on the estimate
  • A percentage for each line, or
  • A custom amount for each line

For any issues, feedback, or help configuring the look and feel of your QuickBooks email invoice, feel free to contact our amazing Customer Success team.

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