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Credit Card Receipt

How do we print a credit card receipt that we give to our customers without our address showing as our "physical address" ?   We use a P.O. Box address for our business because we do not want customers knowing where we live - we work out of our house.   Quickbooks requires a "physical address" can NOT be a P.O. Box.   Please advise.  Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Credit Card Receipt

Hey there, mba1115.

I can see this is your first question here in the Community. Let welcome you to the QuickBooks family.


Let me guide you on the right path about printing credit card receipts.

The receipt’s address is pulled from what’s entered in your Merchant account. Currently, this feature is designed to only accept the business or physical addresses.

We appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you’re looking for since product improvements also come from customers’ ideas. Rest assured once there’s an update, I’ll keep you posted.


To keep you in the loop about the latest features being rolled out, check them through here:



This should help you move forward. Reach out to me if you have additional questions about QuickBooks. Please know I’ll be right here to answer them. Wishing you the best.