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vendors have accounts prefilled but when entering bill the prefill does not show up    

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Kristine Mae


I can help you show the accounts when entering a bill, Johnlicc.


I've replicated your concern and added an expense account to prefill when entering bills for a specific vendor. 


When you create a bill, you'll have to click the Expenses tab, so the account will appear.


Please check the screenshot below for reference.



Don't hesitate to let me know if you need more help. Have a great day! 


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How can you prefill account on quickbooks online?

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How do you prefill account in quickbooks online?



I appreciate you contacting the Community for support, @Dmuz.


The pre-fill option to add a distinct account for a sales transaction is currently unavailable in QuickBooks Online. I'll make sure to take note of your suggestion and include this for future QuickBooks enhancements.


Right now, you can set pre-fill forms with the previous content, or create a recurring invoice template. I can show you how to do both.


To activate the pre-fill forms feature: 

  1. Go to the Gear icon, then choose Account and Settings.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Click anywhere inside the Automation section.
  4. Hit the box beside Pre-fill forms with previously entered content to turn On the feature.
  5. Choose Save.
  6. Click Done.

Capture 1.PNG

That will pull up the last account used for that vendor as well as the last amount, which you will need to overwrite.  


To create a Recurring Template:

  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Click Recurring Transactions.
  3. Choose the New button.
  4. Choose a Transaction Type, then click OK.
  5. Enter a name, type, customer info, interval, account, etc.
  6. Click Save template.

You can check the following article for more details: Create templates for recurring transactions


Additionally, you can visit our QBO Blog to see the latest product enhancements and get some tips on how to manage the business using QBO. 


The steps above will help you move forward. Stay in touch if you have any other questions. Please know I'll be happy to help. Cheering you to continued success. 

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How do you add a fourth line


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There should be more lines


QuickBooks Team


Hello, @ilein.


QuickBooks prefill information based on the last saved transaction you've entered for the vendor.


Once you choose the vendor's name on the Expense page, it will automatically display the last category or item you've used.  I've attached a screenshot for your visual reference.


If you've only entered one or two line items in your last transaction, it will display the same number of line items as well. You can click on the Add lines button to add a fourth line on the expense you're creating.


 Once you saved it and create a new transaction for the same vendor, the system will automatically list down the items you've initially used.


Lastly, you can create an unscheduled recurring transaction for the said vendor. This way, you can use the same you can easily enter expense transactions.


Get back to us here if you have other questions about using QuickBooks to manage your expense transactions. I am always here to help.

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I have QuickBooks Pro 2019.  I am setting up a new Vendor.  I am on the "Account Settings" tab in the "Edit Vendor" feature.  I need more than 3 account lines to set up with prefilled accounts.  How can I add more lines to be prefilled?  (The response you provided above to "@ilein" did not make sense with my situation.)

QuickBooks Team


Hi, @bchandler17.


I appreciate you for joining the thread. I can share with you some insights about setting up a new vendor in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Under Account Settings, you can set up to 3 accounts to automatically show up in the accounts field when recording your vendor bills. Being able to create additional lines is not yet an option with QBDT. As a workaround, you may look for a third-party application that supports the feature. Here's the link: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop.


On the other hand, you can use this link for additional tips about creating and using custom fields in QuickBooks Desktop.


Lastly, you can open the topics for more resources about managing your expenses and vendor transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


If you have any other questions, please let me know by adding a comment below. I'm more than happy to help. Keep safe!

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