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All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

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All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

This can be resolved by removing unnecessary files from your browser, mommabuterfly.


The cache stores temporary internet files from your browsing history to help your browser quickly load the pages. However, too many files may affect the browsing performance and may require you to clear it out.


But before clearing out the cache, let's try to refresh your browser first. To do this, just click the Reload icon beside the QBO URL or press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard. Then, close and reopen the browser that you're using and check the reports again.


If you're still seeing duplicate entries on all of the reports, kindly check if this also happens when using a private window. If it doesn't, then go back to your previous browser and clear the cache.


I'd appreciate if you can update me with the results. Just leave a reply and I'll get back to you.

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All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

Hi! Have the same problem? Removing cache doesn't help. Did you find the way to solve it? 


All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

Hi there, An_Ur_DID.


I appreciate you trying the solution provided by my colleague. Allow me to join the conversation and add steps to get this straightened out. 


Your reports may show duplicates due to new transactions for a connected account, edited or deleted transactions. You can check the audit trail to see if there are transactions that were deleted, changed or added to your register.


Here's how: 

  1. At the top right, click the Gear icon. 
  2. Select Audit Log.
  3. Use the fields on the Filter panel to choose the appropriate UserDate, or Events filter to narrow the results.
  4. Select Apply.

If you've verified that there are changes or transactions added with the same information, I recommend deleting the transaction instead. However, if no changes were made, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Care Support for further help.


They can run the screen share tool to determine what's causing this unexpected behavior and get to a resolution quickly. Here's how you can reach them: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support Team.


Please keep in touch with me here should you have any additional questions or concerns, I want to make sure you're taken care of. Thanks for reaching out, have a great day.

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All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

I am having the same issue when I am running reports in "cash" method desk top....any suggestions?

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

All my reports are showing multiple duplicate transactions???

Good Afternoon, @LesHodge


Congrats on making your first post here in the Community. To properly assist you with this reports issue, are you using QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Desktop (QBDT)?


If you're using QBO, I recommend following the steps provided by my colleague in the posts above and then contacting our Customer Support Team if you're still having problems. 


If you're using QBDT, then I suggest running the Verify and Rebuild Data tool within your account to help fix your reports. Before doing the instructions below, backup your company file




  1. Select Window and then Close All
  2. Go to the File menu. 
  3. Hover over Utilities
  4. Pick Verify Data




  1. Go through steps 2-3 from above. 
  2. Choose Rebuild Data
  3. Once the backup is done, then the Rebuild Data Utility will start. 
  4. Click OK when you get the message, " Rebuild has completed." 


Let me know if this helps. I want to make sure that you're able to get this resolved as soon as possible. Have a wonderful day!

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