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Changing Subscription from Essential to TechSoup Not-For Profit Subsidized

  • We are a very small Not-for-Profit (NFP) and we use QBO Essential
  • TechSoup offers NFPs significantly reduced pricing on software
  • I bought TechSoup (TS) QuickBooks Online Plus subscription for $75/yr.  I assumed (BAD IDEA) I could apply it to our account.  Received TS license and found it would only create a new account.
  • I called QBP support who said TS must fix it.  30 minutes wait to get through.
  • I called TS and they said only QBO could fix it.  Another 30 minutes wait to get through.
  • I called QBO and was a bit more insistent.  Another 30 minutes wait to get through.  QBO Support transferred me and found the only way to do this was to export the data and reimport it to the new account. 1.5 hours later I was told the only way to export / import was to upgrade both account to QBO Advanced, which they did, but said they would reimburse us for the extra when done with this process.  They upgraded both accounts and changed the old account to MONTHLY BILLING at $75/mo.
  • BUT to do the transfer, I had to call QBO Premium Support Team for them to walk me through it.  Another 30 minutes wait to get through.
  • QBO PST - Sure you can do it, BUT you must use Quickbooks Desktop as am intermediary, which I have a copy of.  While on hold I read the 5 page procedures they directed me to and found TRANSACTION DATA CAN ONLY BE TRANSFERRED ON A WINDOWS COMPUTER WITH INTERNET EXPLORER.  Knowing Mac is sometimes and issue, I had informed EVERY support person I spoke with that I was on a Mac.
  • SO, now I cannot do what I wanted and have to go back to QBO support to have them undo the upgrade and switch back to annual billing at $348/year.
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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Changing Subscription from Essential to TechSoup Not-For Profit Subsidized

As far as I know, it won't be easy to migrate data between a regular QBO account and a TS QBO account. You may have 3 options:

1. Utilize a migration tool. Need small cost but also need time and effort to complete.



2. Purchase a 3rd party migration service. Starts from $750


3. Utilize a QB Desktop file as a stepping stone. Need a small cost to none but we don't recommend it due to some limitations. If you prefer to try this route, we may help to convert the file to be open on QBD Mac 2019 or later. This option is not applicable when the multi currency is enabled.

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Changing Subscription from Essential to TechSoup Not-For Profit Subsidized

This is my issue!  I need to switch from QB Essential to the TechSoup subscription.  I would rather just start over!!!!   Thank you for posting.


QB quality has gone down due to their lack of customer service and reduction of phone use.  It was so much easier to accomplish a small task.  (RETURN TO PHONE US...PLEASE)


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