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How do you report bugs? For a software that's been around a long time, support is really lacking!

I've noticed that when in a project, under transactions, the amount listed is for all projects within a transaction, not the amount related to the project on that transaction (for example a bill with line items for multiple projects). I would like to report this as a software bug, as it is obviously not the way it should work. Also, how about suggestions? There is no way to name a bill or an invoice (which seem pretty basic), also name doesn't show up when looking at time charges under transactions, which it should. Is this software actually getting maintained?
QuickBooks Team

How do you report bugs? For a software that's been around a long time, support is really lacking!

I appreciate your time reaching out to us here, afleming-rebelli.


I'll provide solutions to your concerns. To show all the listed items within a transaction, you will need to make it as billable. Doing so will make each item billable to a customer/project. Before doing so, let's make sure to enable the billable option in the settings.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear > Account and Settings.
  2. On the left panel, click Expenses.
  3. Select Bills and expenses, and put a check mark on the Make expenses and items billable box.
  4. Click Save and then Done.

Once done, go back to Projects and open the transaction, then put a check mark under Billable. I've some sample screenshots below for the before and after making the items billable:



With regard to name a bill or an invoice, are you referring to the customer or vendor's name? If so, you have an option to add the From/To column in the project page. 


To do that, in the Transactions tab click the Gear icon above the Action column. Then, put a check mark on the From/To box to show the vendor and customer's name linked to that transaction. Here's a sample screenshot for reference:



You can also check this article for more details about projects in QuickBooks Online: Projects FAQ.


Please let me know in the comments if you have any follow-up questions. I'll be around to help you some more. Take care and stay safe.

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How do you report bugs? For a software that's been around a long time, support is really lacking!

Unfortunately, no, neither issue I'm having was addressed.


First issue:

I have a bill from a consultant.  It has line items for 4 projects.  Let's say each is $100.  When I look at the transaction for one of the projects, instead of showing the amount of $100 from that bill that is for that project, it shows the $400 that is the total of the bill.


Second issue:

No, I'm not talking about to/from.  I'm talking about a title, like "Sonoma meeting expenses" or "January hours".  If I have multiple bills from vendors (which I do, because this is a consulting company with many 1099s), there is no way to tell which is for which without opening, and even then, I have to store in the address field to have any information displayed.  Same with invoices to my client - I can't indicate that this is for a specific project or final invoice, or anything like that.  I've started using the memo field, but in other financial software there is generally a title or subject field.


How do you report bugs? For a software that's been around a long time, support is really lacking!

Thanks for getting back to us, @afleming-rebelli,


I'd like to make sure your concern is fully addressed. If you received a bulk bill for multiple projects from another source and recorded it manually in QuickBooks, the system will sum up the total billable amount based on the line items on the transaction. See this:

If you want to see them separately, you need to record it one project at a time. Otherwise, if you're referring to something else, a screenshot of the problem or any additional information will greatly help.


Regarding your second question, the transaction type is fixed for sales and expense entries. If you'd like to tag your transactions, you can use the Class or Location tracking feature for it. This way, you're able to identify the transactions easily just by looking at the reports. You may consider the following steps:


  1. Tap the Gear icon and choose Account and Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and pick Categories.
  3. Check the Track classes or Track Locations to turn on class tracking. 
  4. Select Save and then Done.

Once set up, you can assign these class your transactions. See this example:


Once you have the transactions tag, you can open any reports and filter by Class or Location. To learn more about how this features work and how to use them, check out these links:


Set up class tracking.

Set up and use location tracking.

Video tutorials for QuickBooks Online.



Feel free to get back to me for follow-up questions about this or if you need other things with QuickBooks. I'll be right here to help.

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