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Link two QuickBooks to 1 login

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Link two QuickBooks to 1 login

Thanks for dropping by, @daretohire.


You can link two QuickBooks Online accounts by having the same login credentials (email and password). However, if both accounts have different emails, you can invite the other QuickBooks account to use the same email.


For example, your primary account has a credential of email: johnsmith@gmail and password: Community.123. You can log in to the other account and invite johnsmith@gmail. When you receive the invitation, make sure that the password is also Community.123.


Here's how:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks.
  2. Click the Gear icon on the top right and then select Manage users.
  3. Choose Add User and then select Company admin.
  4. Click Next then tick All, then answer the following prompt.
  5. Enter your name and the email that you want to login moving forward.
  6. Hit Save.


Once done, you will then receive an email notification and make sure to enter the same password of the other account. Once configured, you can now see a switch function (Switch company) under Profile in the Gear icon.


Then you can change the master admin and remove the secondary email by following the steps through this article: Change the master admin and remove email B.


For more details about adding multiple companies under separate accounts, you can reference this article: Create or add another company file to QuickBooks Online.


If you have additional questions, feel free to tag me in your comment. I'll make sure to get back to you. Take care always!

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Link two QuickBooks to 1 login

One email is no longer available to receive or send information.  Quickbook accounts started in 2013 with [email address removed].  In March, 2020 Google changed the email address to [email address removed].  Now I cannot receive or access any QuickBook info for the [email address removed].   I need to get that business information so that I can continue to keep the records on the Quickbooks using the [email address removed]  I have tried to link accounts but no success.  Should I link for how do I continue with the record keeping from earlier in the QuickBooks Pro 2020.

QuickBooks Team

Link two QuickBooks to 1 login

Hi there, @Marshall73.


It seems that you're not able to access your company file. You can send us a request to recover your account and update the email. This way, you can keep your records or notifications from QuickBooks.


These are the documents needed to request access to your company file: 


After that, QuickBooks will send you an email within one business day that contains details on what to do next to successfully recover the account. The business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. PT. Then, you can now update the email address.


You can always get back if you have other concerns. Please let me know by adding a comment below. I'm here to help you achieve your tasks in QuickBooks. 

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Link two QuickBooks to 1 login

Quickbooks needs to seriously  train their employees better. I was over an hour trying to figure out how to link 2 of my quickbooks accounts and this girl didn't know. Out of frustration because she was no help at all while she was on the phone trying to make a "ticket" I decided to go online and look to see if anyone had ever written any instructions on how to do this. I told her I had found this article from quickbooks on how to do it and even after reading her the instructions she told me I shouldn't trust it because it may mess up my account. I was an idiot for staying on the phone an extra 30 minutes to end up figuring out this all by myself following these simple steps while she was trying to make a ticket and find someone to help her. Quickbooks support is definitely lacking in training to their employees. I love the program but it is very difficult to deal with a vendor whose employees don't know crap about the product they are selling. Every single department I've ever called, payroll, merchant services, account/regular online support dept., I have to spend over an hour or more trying to resolve my problems and sometimes I even get hung up because the rep doesn't know what else to tell me so its much easier to hang up on me. If I wouldn't have everything on QB, I would've left a long time ago. I love and hate Quickbooks. Very frustrating & you would think that having VIP support would get you to better and knowledgeable reps but that's not true. Maybe one day they'll step it up 

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