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New business, New to quickbooks, login?

We started an LLC this year. I bought quickbooks desktop with payroll. Now that I've installed it, it wants me to log into Intuit/turbotax. I have a turbotax program that I've used every year to file our personal taxes, do I need to create a new login/turbo tax profile for our business for quickbooks? Or do I use our same turbo tax login so that it will sync when we go to file taxes? Or since we have an llc will I need to create a new account on turbo tax for just that? 

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New business, New to quickbooks, login?

Hello there, writerchick324.


With the new update, we'll have to use One Intuit login when accessing QuickBooks and TurboTax. It will give the primary contact greater control over user access and make it easier to have all your Intuit products seamlessly connected.


In case you will import your QuickBooks data to TurboTax, you can check these guide:



Don't hesitate to go back to this thread if you need anything else with importing QuickBooks data. I'm always here to help.

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New business, New to quickbooks, login?

I don't feel like this completely addresses my question... When you say one login, what if you owned multiple corporations? 


Basically, I am trying to figure out if I need to have a separate account for my business so that it is not combined with my personal account, or if they should be one since it is an LLC. 


New business, New to quickbooks, login?

Hello @writerchick324,


Let me add a few things about your Intuit and TurboTax account and how you can use it.


When you purchase and subscribe to any Intuit products, online, or in a software/app, you'll only need to use one login credential (a username and password for all products). This is to ensure that you can access your account information, business or personal, so you can prepare your taxes easily.


In addition, here's an article you can read to learn more about your account information (go directly to paragraph 4 under What is an Intuit Account?): Manage your Intuit Account online.


You can also visit and learn more with the steps about how you can create a user for your online account: Create an Intuit user account.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, let me know in the comments below. Stay safe always!

LLC questioner
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New business, New to quickbooks, login?

I agree, your answer is not clear enough.  Having an LLC basically treats the LLC as it's own "person" in the eyes of the IRS, doesn't it?  Even though it's not actually a human, the LLC is its own entity.  So would it be better to have the LLC be it's own "person" and therefore have it's own login, or have one login for both the human and the LLC "person".?

QuickBooks Team

New business, New to quickbooks, login?

We're delighted to have you joined the Community forum, LLC questioner. Allow me to provide additional insights when handling Intuit log-in information for an LLC entity type structure.


When subscribing from any Intuit products, all login credentials must always have one sign-in info regardless of the business type structure you've purchased for the program. And, yes, you're right. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal entity type of business structure that may help protect an owner's personal assets from any liabilities accrued by the company.


Thus, the information shared by my colleagues above is accurate. Since QuickBooks provides new updates, efficiency and convenience on your end when logging in to your Intuit products were made to have a seamless experience with your business and personal accounts. With this, you may want to visit this reference for more detailed insights: Manage your Intuit Account online.


Furthermore, QuickBooks allows you to import company data directly from your desktop software into your TurboTax business.


We're always available in this thread if you have additional questions about LLC business entities and other QuickBooks-related concerns. Please don't hesitate to reply below, and we'll be around to provide further help. Keep safe!

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