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Can employees who have existing log in to a intuit product mint turbo tax get on

how can I help my employees with existing intuit accounts MINT TURbo access there log in? I have QB on line
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Can employees who have existing log in to a intuit product mint turbo tax get on

Hello, Slj0316kd.


Yes, they can! I'd be glad to show you the steps on how you can help your employees access the Workforce feature. 


All you need to do is to invite your employees to Workforce using their universal Intuit account (for Mint or TurboTax). Here's how:


  1. Go to the Payroll menu, then click the Employees tab.
  2. Click the Invite to Workforce button.
  3. Check the employees you want to invite.
  4. Add their universal Intuit email accounts in the text boxes. 
  5. Click the Send invitations button. 





The system will send an invitation email where they can log in using their universal Intuit accounts. After accepting it, they can start viewing their paystubs and W-2 information.


If ever your employees need help familiarizing the feature, you can give them this article: View your paychecks and W-2s online in QuickBooks Workforce.


This article has additional details regarding the Workforce service (for employers): Invite employees to see pay stubs and W-2s online.


Visit our QuickBooks Online Payroll articles if you need help managing your employees or other payroll-related tasks. 


I'll be here to help you out again if you need assistance with QuickBooks Online or the payroll service. Just leave your reply and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Can employees who have existing log in to a intuit product mint turbo tax get on

this solution DOES NOT WORK...employees are forced to use a different email address than the one they use for other Intuit products such as Turbotax. Please fix this.

QuickBooks Team

Can employees who have existing log in to a intuit product mint turbo tax get on

I understand the convenience of inviting your employees to QuickBooks Workforce, sjupton. I'm here to help you sort this out.


Beforehand, did you encounter any error messages? Adding additional details will help us determine its cause. A screenshot would be a great help, too.


You may encounter such an issue if they have access to your QuickBooks Online account. Please ensure they use a different email for Workforce than the one they use to log in to the program. 


Once ready, invite your employees again


Allowing the use of the same email address is a great functionality. I recommend sending your feedback directly to our Product Development team. They will review and consider your request for future updates and improvements to QuickBooks. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear menu and then select Feedback.
  2. Type in your feature request in the description box.
  3. Once done, click on Next.


Moreover, I've added these resources you can share with your employees to help them set up their accounts. These also contain steps in viewing and printing pay stubs online and checking time off balances and year-to-date pay: 



Please keep us posted if you need additional assistance managing your employees and payroll. We're always here to help you out.

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