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Why did quickbooks not generate a report for February Sales Tax Due?

Quickbooks sales tax module does not seem to be working?
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QuickBooks Team

Why did quickbooks not generate a report for February Sales Tax Due?

Thanks for bringing this with us, @angiebs0779. I can share some information to fix the issue when generating a sales tax report in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


You'll want to review your fiscal year in QuickBooks Online (QBO). To check the first month of your fiscal year:


  1. Go to the Gear icon () and choose Account and Settings.
  2. Select Advanced and in the Accounting section.
  3. Review the correct month on the First month of fiscal year field.
  4. Click Edit (✎) icon to change necessary information. 
  5. Click Save and Done.


If it is correctly set up, you can run a Sales Tax Liability Report to show how much you owe to tax agencies. You can filter the date range you want to view from the  Report period ▼ drop-down.


Moreover, you can customize the report and memorize it to save its settings. For the detailed steps, you can check out this article: Memorize reports in QuickBooks Online.


You can also perform some troubleshooting steps as this concern could be a browser-related issue. The stored cache can cause unexpected behavior while using the application. Here are the keyboard shortcuts to open a private browser:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Microsoft Edge: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift +N

If you're able to generate the report using a private browser, go back to your regular browser and clear its cache. Clearing the cache or cookies is the best way to get a clean slate for your browser. Otherwise, you can also switch to other supported browsers to see if it has something to do with it.


If the issue persists, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team. Their tools can help you check your account in a secure environment and help you isolate the issue you're having.


Additionally, you can read this reference to learn more about filing your sales tax return and recording your tax payment: File your sales tax return and record tax payment in QuickBooks Online


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other questions besides generating a sales tax report in QBO. I'm more than happy to help. Have a good one!

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Why did quickbooks not generate a report for February Sales Tax Due?

I also do not have a February tax report, nor the option to enter sales tax paid (and adjustments) even with a manually generated report


Why did quickbooks not generate a report for February Sales Tax Due?

I tried and was able to run a sales tax due report for February in my QBO account, dLearned.


At the same time, I can also record a tax payment and make an adjustment. Can you tell us what happens every time you run a report or record a payment for February?


In the meantime, you'll want to follow the steps on how to log in to an incognito/private browsing session while working on your sales taxes. This is for us to check if you have a similar browser situation with the first customer who asked this question. 


Just in case you're still having the same issue, we need to take a closer look at this or initiate a screen-sharing session to determine what's causing the issue. To do that, please contact our phone or chat support teams so they can help you further with this. 


Here's how to reach out to them:

  1. Click the Help menu in the upper-right hand corner of your QBO account.
  2. Type in "Talk to a human" in the chatbox, then press Enter.
  3. Select Get help from a human.
  4. Click Chat with us or Have us call you.


Feel free to take a look at these articles if you need more information and references when tracking sales taxes:



Feel free to ask more questions or reply to me in this thread if you need anything else. We'd love to offer our help to you again. 

Level 5

Why did quickbooks not generate a report for February Sales Tax Due?

When I go into the tax center, the default display is March 2022, and shows $0.00 owing (as if I had already filed February).

If I go (in the tax center) and manually set the period to be February 2022, I see the screen that should have appeared at the start, but when I click on "view liability report", I get a green circle swirl that does not change.

I am able to enter an adjustment however.  I did not see this previously as the dropdown on the date box is backwards (i.e. it does not show recent first, it shows April 2021 at the top).


If I go into the Report screen instead, and select "last month", the February liability report will display.


As the reports in the tax center are never complete (i.e. they do not show gross sales, only a "gross" that is linked to taxable items") I do not use them exclusively...I always generate the reports manually.  The tax center is really the most buggy "enhancement" I've ever seen, and I hate it...and tech support won't revert you any more (even though I asked months ago)

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