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Reset password for Quickbooks 2008

Anyone know if it simply isn't possible to reset the admin password for older versions of Quickbooks?


I've successfully logged into the CAMPS portal and see the license information, phone number, email address, and zip code purchased under, but it just keeps telling me the information can't be verified.   


Support says I'd have to upgrade, but they can't tell me if I upgrade whether or not I can reset the password...


Reset password for Quickbooks 2008

Let's get this working for you, dbetlow.


There are different ways to reset the QuickBooks admin password. We can do the following:

  • Use the I forgot my password link.
  • Use the Automated Password Reset Tool.

Before that, I'd recommend updating your QuickBooks to the latest release version. This involves minor changes or fixes. This is only applicable for the supported versions (2017 and later). You can view this link for more details.


Since the I forgot my password link doesn't work for you, we can use the Automated Password Reset Tool. This is another way of resetting the admin password. You can browse this article to see the detailed steps to complete the process: Use the Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop.


If the same thing happens, it'd be best to consult our Customer Care Team. They can review your account and further investigate the issue.

  1. Click Help at the top menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Select Contact us and then enter that you get Reminder prompts. 
  3. Select Continue
  4. Choose either to Message an Agent or Talk to a Specialist

Keep us posted of the results so we can check other things to help you more. Additional details would be much appreciated.

Level 1

Reset password for Quickbooks 2008

The automated password reset tool doesn't work for me.  It says it can't my information doesn't match.

If I choose Update Now from Quickbooks, it gives an error (#12007 and #12029).

I did try contacting Support and they said I'd have to upgrade to a newer version.


Reset password for Quickbooks 2008

Thanks for getting back to us with more details, dbetlow.


These error codes occur if QuickBooks can no longer receive updates that helps fix minor issues. This is related to the discontinuation policy of QuickBooks.


To get rid of the error codes and reset your password, I'd recommend following the Support Team's suggestion which is to upgrade. Once you've decided to upgrade, I'd recommend select the 2018 version or later because 2017 version will be unsupported on May 2020. This is based on the discontinuation policy.


You can use these links to download and install the new program:

We'll be right here if you need anything else.


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