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Checking balance in Quickbooks does not match Bank balance

My Chase Checking Account online balance is almost double what I see in QuickBooks. My reconciliation is good-Starting Balances are equal, There are NO reconciliation discrepancies.

I have tried to get someone on the phone but unsuccessful. Spoke to the Bank -Chase- Told me I have to contact QuickBooks.

Please Help

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Checking balance in Quickbooks does not match Bank balance

I'll make sure that your QuickBooks balance will be corrected, fish0165. I know how important it's to have a correct balance in our bank accounts. 


I'm grateful for all your efforts to address this issue, in particular by verifying the starting balances and reconciliation report. Correcting your Chase bank balance in QuickBooks Desktop is our priority here. 


In that case, we've to examine your account in a safe environment. Since Community is a public forum, I suggest you call our support one more time. I know you've called before, but they have tools to go over your account.


You have an option to set a callback in order to perform further tasks. To do this, follow the steps below: 


  1. Press F1 on your keyboard to open the Help page. 
  2. Click Contact Us
  3. Enter your concern in the box and select Continue
  4. Choose Get a callback
  5. Complete the required data and submit the request.

qbdt call f1.PNG


Make sure to contact them within business hours to ensure a speedy response.


Furthermore, check out these articles below on how to resolve balances issues and handle some banking concerns in QuickBooks:



I'm always free to answer any questions you may have regarding your account. Just leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Keep safe, fish0165.

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Checking balance in Quickbooks does not match Bank balance

Thanks. I'll call tomorrow 

Kimmie T
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Checking balance in Quickbooks does not match Bank balance

Was this issue resolved?  I am having the same problem.  My reconciliation is good with no problem, every month.  This problem presented itself in January 2023.   My QB balance and bank account balance do not match.  There is a ~$443 difference between the two.  Please help.


QuickBooks Team

Checking balance in Quickbooks does not match Bank balance

I know how important it is to keep your books balanced, @Kimmie T.


Allow me to point you in the right direction to resolve the difference you're having.


Here are some reasons that can cause reconciliation discrepancies in QuickBooks:


  • Entering an incorrect ending balance at the start of the reconciliation
  • Editing or deleting transactions that were already reconciled
  • Missing or duplicate transactions in QuickBooks that haven't cleared your bank yet
  • An adjustment to your last reconciliation


You'll want to run the Reconciliation Discrepancy report, Missing Checks report, and Transaction Detail report to identify the transactions that are causing the discrepancy. You can do it from the Reports menu. Feel free to utilize this article to learn more on how to run these reports: Fix issues when you're reconciling in QuickBooks Desktop. You can also refer to this article to review the account to verify if there's an inaccurate adjustment.


Once you've located the discrepancy, run a special reconciliation to make the balances right. As always, we would recommend working with your accountant when dealing with the current period to ensure the accuracy of your books.


For additional details on how the account types in QuickBooks Desktop are configured from your Chart of Accounts and how they will show on your reports, kindly refer to this article:  Work with the chart of accounts in QuickBooks Desktop


I want your balance to be corrected. Keep in touch with this post if you have any additional questions about the account balance or anything related to reconciliation. I'm right here to help you more, along with my fellow members of the Community.

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