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How To Delete Downloaded Transactions Permanently?

My bank was kind enough to reverse several wire transfer charges.  Those reversals occurred in June BUT QB insists they are May transactions (maybe because the charges they are reversing occurred in May?).  I've already reconciled the bank rec. for May so placing them into May makes no sense.  After several annoying attempts to simply exclude the reversals (knowing I could manually add them later with the June reconciliation) I ADDED the charges and then manually adjusted the dates in the register to June where they properly belong.  Now, QB wants to redownload the reversals back into May and won't let me match them to the ones I corrected to June.  How do I tell the system to ignore these specific transactions forever????


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How To Delete Downloaded Transactions Permanently?

Hello, crhite,


I'm here to help delete those downloaded transactions permanently in QuickBooks Online.


You'll want to exclude them first, then go to the Excluded tab. From there, you have the option to delete them so they won't keep showing up on your bank feeds. I'm glad to show you how:


  1. On the left pane, select Banking.
  2. Choose the account where transactions are posted.
  3. Go to the For Review tab.
  4. Check the box next to each transaction you want to exclude.
  5. Select the Batch action drop-down menu, and then select Exclude selected.

Excluded transactions are listed on the Excluded tab for reference or review. They aren't tracked or reported as part of your business finances and don't appear in any associated account registers or reports.

  1. On the Excluded tab, mark those entries.
  2. From the Batch actions drop-down, choose Delete.

I've added these handy articles for more details about the process above:

Should you need anything else, please let me know. I'm always around to help.


Thank you and stay safe!

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