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How to fix a wrong date (year) entered for the reconciliation

I was reconciling our bank accounts for last year (3/31/2021), and accidentally selected the end of the month for THIS YEAR (3/31/2022). When I noticed this issue, I couldn't find anyway to undo the reconciliation or to change the date to the correct year.


I read through this link:

Undo or remove transactions from reconciliations in QuickBooks Online 


And I read through some other links too, but the problem is that this particular month had ZERO transaction during that statement period, so there are no transactions to go change in the chart of accounts to cause it to change. I just need to change the end date that was entered for the bank statement so I can finish the rest of last year.


How do I fix this? Please don't tell me to talk to my accountant, we don't have one to handle this, I need to handle it.

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QuickBooks Team

How to fix a wrong date (year) entered for the reconciliation

Hi there, @ProfessionalChoiceSolutions.


I'm here to share some information on how you can change the reconciliation date.


The option to edit a reconciled period in QuickBooks Online (QBO), isn't possible. 


The other option is by undoing the reconciled transactions and reconciling again. It can be done by accessing the register, and clicking the R status for transactions in that month until the field is blank.


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Accounting menu.
  2. In the  Chart of Accounts, find the account.
  3. Choose View register from the Action column. 
  4. Select the transaction you want to unreconciled.
  5. Review the check column for the reconciled transactions "R".
  6. Then, keep clicking the box field until it will show as blank
    • This will "unreconcile" the items and then you can start once more and change the date.


In order for us to correct the reconciliation date, we'll need an accountant to do the process. Since you don't have one, you can find an accountant through this link:


Lastly, I'm sharing with you these handy articles that can help you along the way: 


Stay in touch with me if there's anything else I can help you with changing the reconciliation date. I'll be right here to guide you through the process.

Level 3

How to fix a wrong date (year) entered for the reconciliation

I don't understand, if this is impossible to fix in Quickbooks, then it makes no sense that finding an accountant and giving them access to our Quickbooks account will mean that they can fix the problem in Quickbooks. If it's impossible for Quickbooks to fix, then how can an accountant using Quickbooks fix it when you just said that the issue can't be fixed through Quickbooks? 


On the other hand, if an accountant can magically update or undo the reconciliation date in Quickbooks, then why can't I, as a superadmin do it to my own account? Do you give special privileges to an "accountant" account or something? And if so, then I can just make a new Quickbooks login and tell Quickbooks to make my secondary account an accountant so I can fix this obvious issue? Why would you restrict that correction from the business owner? I am a little confused...or I understand it correctly and am upset that you are purposely withholding some functionality from the owners who are paying to be able to do all our own accounting as if WE are the accountants for our businesses.


For what it's worth, the "accountant" we hired to do our taxes told us WE had to do the reconciliation ourselves before he could file our taxes, so the accountant told us to do the reconciling and you are telling us HE has to do the reconciling, which makes no sense that I'm not allowed to fix a simple and known error like the year so I can move on and reconcile the rest of the months last year. I'm a little frustrated you're withholding this functionality. Is there really nobody who can go into the back end and just update the date or something?

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How to fix a wrong date (year) entered for the reconciliation

Hello, were you able to change this on your own without an accountant?


I did something very similar, but possibly worst.

I reconciled the end date as of 2020!!! 2 years back, and I don't want to have to un-reconcile all the way back. 


Would you let me know what you had to do?


Thank you!

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